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Long and short is i'm trying this out because hey why not have extra places to post your art?
I'm a massive furry and have a smol art business I'd love to share with you!
Oh yeah as for profile links, if theres and ( * ) it means that's where the porn at

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Hey there random internet stranger checking out my post! I figured I'd give newgrounds a try as an art gallery. This is actually one of the FIRSST sites I used to hang around when I got access to internet, way back around the mid 2000's, and it's always had such a special place in my heart since. I loved to re-live the community that lives here, and it's definitely gonna be neat to be on a site with such a variety of media content that gets shared!

So about me, if you don't like anthropomorphics you probably won't like my art. And uh, yeah that's fine. Sorry you had to stumble here? But if you do like em you're in luck!

So I guess a little preview to the content and an about me, so here goes;

Been doing furry art on the regular since 2013 but I've been an artist every since I could hold a pencil! I've done a ton of work since that day to get where I am now, and I got say I'm proud of my little artwork business the internet has helped me nurture up until this date!

I don't do this for a living but it definitely helps by pass costs, and the funds feed into itself and I can have access to way better tools and so forth.

If you find you REALLY like my art, and want to see everything i've ever drawn, you can check out my Patreon, where I make a point to post all the fat that gets trimmed from my more professional and curated galleries.


And of course supporting me is totally optional, I still and always plan on posting free quaklity completed works to public online galleries as long as I'm doing art ;D

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